Bree is the middle child of Donald Davenport. She as well as her brothers Adam and Chase has bionic powers because of a micro-chip implant in her neck. She has super speed, can repel off walls, 'fly' across a room, and has super stealth. Though like her brothers she glitches, which means her emotions sometimes get the best of her and she moves super fast without any control, as seen in the episode "Leo's Jam" when she sees her crush. Though she currently is able to help control this by wearing high heels, which she cannot walk in. She also has a step-brother Leo. Bree is also hinted at to be the favorite step child of her step-mother Tasha Davenport, who hints at favoring her due to her being the only other girl in the family. Bree is shown to get guys to like her often and is also shown to be a gossiper. She values popularity at school, shown many times, and likes to know what is going on and wants everyone to like her. Bree, growing up with two brothers, is shown to be sort of a tom-girl where she is brave and behaves like a boy sometimes, which does not help much with her wanting to be the girly girl popular kid at school.