Chase is one of the bionic "Lab Rats", and he is the youngest. His super abilities are unlimited intelligence, super bionic sences and the ability to create a forcefield. When he is first seen, he is in a fight with Adam.


  • He has ultra sensitive bionic hearing, and he bends over in pain when ever he hears something very loud.
  • Chase has a crush on a girl named Danielle, and goes to the school dance with her.
  • His glitches are his commando app ( which turns him into a fearless brute named 'Spike' ) and his glitching bionic senses ( which fires a line of super bionic snot when he sneezes )
  • He has a good heart he asks Danielle, a girl crushed on by Leo but asks out his step-brother Adam, to go to the dance with Leo instead of Adam

  • Chase also has a levitation app shown on Bionic showdown

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